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Chestnuts are perishable, however can be refridgerated for up to two weeks


Cooking with chestnuts can add exotic flair and autumn goodness to your menu.

At Johnny Moo's we hope you will be inspired to try some of our suggestions, search for other recipes and then begin to create your own delicacies.

 Please share your favourite chestnut recipes with us for all chestnut enthusiasts to enjoy!




Boiling or Steaming Chestnuts

Boil covered in water for 15 - 20 minutes without piercing shell , or steam for 25 - 30 minutes.

Once cooked, cut nuts in half and scoop out with a spoon.

If requiring whole nuts, peel off shell and remove inner skin (pellicle) which can be bitter.


A few Savoury Ideas:

While warm, toss with butter & garlic and add to other seasonal vegetables to create a warm salad

Add to enhance soups, casseroles or as a stuffing for meat

Mix with cooked onion, bacon, green beans and pesto for pasta sauce

Puree with mushrooms, shallots and port to make pate

Combine with kumara, leek & chicken for pastry fillings


Sweet Suggestions.

Chestnuts combine naturally with apple, pear raisins, cranberries, chocolate and coffee for a range of desserts or baked treats.

Puree steamed chestnuts and add with sugar to whipped cream for chestnut cream

Puree and add to melted chocolate to create chestnut chocolate mousse


Roasting Chestnuts

Simply slit the shell then add to the family roast 20 minutes before serving. They can be also roasted in the embers of a hot fire or in a heavy frying pan over a gentle heat. 

Piercing or slitting the shell is essential to prevent explosions!


After roasting, peel and eat hot with garlic, salt & butter.