About Us


Johnny Moo's chestnuts are sourced from our BioGro Certified orchard (license no. 2056) located in the picturesque Mahoenui valley, in the King Country.

It is very important to our values that we care for the environment by being chemical-free, in doing this we can protect our soil and the water quality of the Awakino River.

Johnny Moo's Chestnuts are harvested daily, quality graded and chilled before delivery.



Planted in 1996, our orchard is situated on 6 hectares of fertile volcanic ash. The 600 trees are made up of 3 Japanese/European hybrids which are best suited to NZ conditions. Our orchard has been Biogro Certified since 2013 meaning that our crop is 100% organic. We are NZ Good Agricultural Practice ( GAP) certified.




Our annual yield is 20 tonnes and we are able to work co-operatively with other chestnut orchards around the country to fulfill larger export orders.

Research and Development


 As growers and processors we are interested in developing the usage of chestnuts in New Zealand and have supplied product to aid research projects at Massey University, Hamilton WINTEC and through TechNZ.